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Brian Mundy


Owner: Brian Mundy
Location: Petawawa, ON, Canada
Vehicle: 2002 Mazda Protege 5 Turbo
Car Club: Street Authority
Horsepower: 400

Photos By: Ryan Winton, Nextmod, Eric Choi

Mazda FS 2.0L Aluminum Head / Iron Block
Pauter Rods
Arias Pistons 8.5:1
Rotating Balance
DOC B Positive Pressure Oil System
Steed Speed T3 Manifold
Garrett GT3071 0.63  BB Turbo
Tial 38mm V Band Liquid Cooled Waste Gate
Tial 50mm “Q” Blow Off Valve
Custom valve cover and overflow (Signature by Bryan Lawlor)
505 Intake manifold with Velocity Stacks, BBK Mustang 65mm throttle body
Haltech PS1000 Standalone ECU
Custom Trigger (36-1+1)
1000cc injectors (Bored 550cc STI injectors)
Sequential Injection
Direct Fire AEM CDI COP conversion
IQ3 Digital Display Solution, Boost By Gear
ECU Speed Controlled Electric Coolant Pump

Brian Mundy

Fully Custom Transmission
PAR Straight Cut Gears Set Specified Ratios
1st 2.500,   78 Km/h @ 7000
2nd 1.550, 126Km/h @ 7000
3rd 1.100, 178km/h @ 7000
4th 0.725, 265Km/h @ 7000
5th 0.625  325Km/h @ 7000
Final Drive 4.105
Quaife ATB Limited Slip Diff
SPEC Stage IIIr Disk
SPEC Stage IIIr Pressure Plate
SPEC 6.8 Lb Flywheel
Shaft Master Unequal Length Driveshafts

WORK Emotion Kai Forged Aluminum Rims 18×7
Yokohama PARADA SPEC2 215/35/18
Brian Mundy
K-Sport 14" 8 Piston Brake System
K-Sport Hydraulic Hand brake
Willwood Independant Master Cylinders
Willwood Proportioning Valve
Willwood Balance Bar
13" Rear Brakes

Aggressive Auto Culture adjustable multilink suspension
K-Sport RR Aluminum Coil Over suspension
AWR 21mm Antisway
AWR Adjustable Endlinks
AWR Trailing Arm

Full OEM JDM Mazda SPORT 20 Conversion
Full Weight Reduction
Rear Flat Diffuser
Aggressive Auto Culture bumper sag fix bracket

Brian Mundy

Sparco Seats
Sparco Pedals
TWM Shifter
GT Spec Braces
AEM and Autometer
Aggressive Auto Culture Nardi Trophy steering wheel

Brian Mundy
Brian Mundy

Aggressive Auto Culture

Brian Mundy